Options for Portable Room Air Conditioner Reviews

used air conditioner units
Many portable room air conditioner reviews make comparisons between window units and portable air conditioners. Portable units are usually considered the less desirable option, and they often push less cool air per BTU.

A number of portable units also have inferior performance at higher consumer prices. A window air conditioner unit with 8,000 BTUs can cool rooms that measure up to 350 square feet.

A comparable portable unit at the same BTU measurement can only cool about 250 square feet effectively. Portable AC units sit completely indoors and can often be noisier than window units. Using a drip tank is normally required for a portable unit as well.

Many portable AC units are not rated energy efficient, which can lead to higher monthly electricity bills for many consumers. One recommended portable air conditioning unit is the LG LP1214GXR, which has been tested as superior to other portable models.

This AC unit is easy to set up, affordable and efficient with energy usage. It has several features that add convenience, including a remote control and a timer for automatic shut-off.

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