Our Pick for the Best Portable Air Conditioner Under 300

What is the best portable air conditioner under 300 dollars? Lots of people favor the SPT 8,000BTU Single Hose Portable AC, and here is why.

This SPT model has a great auto start feature. The user programs, and the unit saves, the temperature settings. If the power goes out in home or office, the unit starts up again with no adjustments after service is restored. Also, the EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is 8.9–a great, energy-sparing rating. This number puts the SPT well ahead of other similar A/C models.

This unit also has an auto-drain system which eliminates most condensate. Manual emptying is less frequent, saving the owner time and legwork. In addition, the unit has R410A refrigerant and RoHS components that are environmentally friendly.

Here is how it operates. The auto setting defaults to COOL or FAN according to the temperature that has been set and also to the room temperature. Also, the output is a respectable 8,000 BTUs. This cools and takes moisture from the air. The fan provides air movement, and the dehumidify setting takes up moisture with out needing to cool the space.

This SPT model has a control panel and remote control with LED display. Settings are high or low and programmable for the time the consumer wants the unit on an off.

This A/C model could prove to be the best buy for the budget conscious consumer who wants efficient A/C.

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