Portable 12v Air Conditioner Buying Guide

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A portable 12V air conditioner offers an energy efficient way of cooling a room.

There are generally two types of portable ac units: those that use evaporative technology, and those that use refrigerant technology. The former is usually suitable for use in non-air conditioned cars while the latter is best suited for cooling room Energy Efficiency Rating A+floors.

According to scientific studies, the portable ac units used in automobiles are far more energy efficient compared to conventional household air conditioners.

A 12 volt air conditioner is fairly simple with an internal heat exchanger, blower fan, outlet openings, insulating cover and inlet pipe.

The cooling effect of air in the car takes place when the heat developed is taken into a water reservoir. This is done with the help of an internal 12V power converter. While there is no need of any venting, portable car ACs have a reservoir that needs to be refilled regularly to ensure proper functioning in the long run.

When shopping for a portable air conditioning device for your car, be sure to check the state and performance of purification filters and dehumidifiers. The filters are designed to eliminate harmful germs and particles from the air inside the car, while the latter maintains humidity levels in the car at 45%.

Since there are many brands and models of portable AC machines, some shopping around may be necessary to ensure that you find the best product for your vehicle.

Portable car air conditioners have numerous advantages over conventional window ACs for buildings.

For one, they do not make any noise or vibrate, so they’re user-friendly. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the fact that these air conditioners are portable, so they can be used in other places when the car is parked, and not in use. For instance, they can be used in the bedroom or living room to regulate the temperature and improve the quality of air in these rooms.

This means that you will not need to install a window air conditioner in your room if you already have a portable AC system in your vehicle.

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