Portable AC Dehumidifier

Keeping cool during the dog days of summer can be quite a task. As the summer heat rises, many people find it difficult to work or sleep. Moreover, the energy costs to run a central air-conditioning unit can be astronomically high. For those who live in apartments or condos that ban window air conditioners, the heat can be simply unbearable.

The solution to this problem is to take a look at a portable AC dehumidifier. In recent years, many consumers have turned to a portable ac units (also known as a windowless air conditioner or a free standing air conditioner) to seek relief from the heat.

These portable units are particularly useful for people living in apartments or homes where it is impossible to install a window unit. Because these portable air conditioners require no permanent installation, you can even store them away during the winter and sadly pulled them out during the summer. Most portal air-conditioners are fairly easy to move as they come with wheels on the bottom of the unit.

Do bear in mind, however, that portable air conditioners do need to be vented via a hose through a window, by a vent in the ceiling, or out a sliding glass door. Most new portable air conditioners come with a window installation kit to help you vent them properly.

When you’re looking into buying a new portable air conditioner, you need to take into account the proper size. The cooling rate of an air conditioner is measured in British thermal units (BTUs).

Generally speaking, the higher the BTUs, the more powerful the air conditioner. You need to choose a properly sized unit for your room, however. A unit that is too big will leave the air feeling humid and will cost a ton in electricity bills, while a unit that is too small will not adequately cool your room.

The following list is a rule of thumb for how many BTUs you need to cool a specific size room:

  • 5000 BTUs: 100-125 square feet
  • 8000 BTUs: 175-200 square feet
  • 10000 BTUs: 250-300 square feet
  • 12000 BTUs: 350-400 square feet

In our experience, NewAir offers some excellent options for portable air conditioners for a variety of sizes. We will provide a review of the ACP–1300H model which is available in local home and permit stores as well as online.

In fact, we found this model available for sale here..

The NewAir models weigh in at approximately 80 to 90 pounds, which is admittedly a bit heavy. They do come on meals, however, that make it possible to move them from room to room if you wish.

The look of the NewAir is nice and sleek. It comes in white and will complement any decor. It also has an easy-to-read LED control panel and comes with a remote control. The NewAir works with a regular 120 household outlet.

The NewAir comes in a variety of cooling capacities, up to 13000 BTUs. All of the NewAir models use a special evaporative technology which means that you rarely have to dump out the condensation receptacle located on the back of the unit. The model we tested also came standard with a carbon filter, which can easily remove dander, dust, and strong odors. This is particularly useful if you or someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma.

Other nice features in the NewAir model include a programmable timer, a powerful dehumidifier, and some models even come with a built in heater for year-round use.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with a NewAir AC12000E 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.

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