Portable AC for Cars

Portable ac units are meant to make it possible to have air conditioning in nonstandard spaces and areas.

They can be used in boats, cars and even warehouses where a permanent installation of the HVAC system may not be ideal. However, their popularity has greatly been boosted by their use in industrial applications.

Despite this, they have gone through a lot of evolutions to make them useful in areas outside of commercial buildings. Some of the common changes include a reduction in their sizes, making them run on batteries rather than electricity and also making adjustments on the cooling technology that they use. Typically, this air conditioner can properly service an area of up to 450 square feet.

Portable air conditioners (also known as windowless air conditioner units) come in two main types depending on the cooling technology.

Evaporative Cooler
This type uses water to achieve the cooling effect. Its small size makes it an ideal AC for your car. Furthermore, it can run on a 12 volt battery. In recent years, many people have used these coolers as an RV air conditioner.

Refrigerant Based AC
This variety uses a refrigerant, and it is almost similar to the traditional window unit.

A portable AC unit for cars makes it possible to survive in your car during extremely hot temperatures. They are able to do so at the expense of large HVAC systems that cannot be installed in such areas due to their bulkiness.

Common Brands
The most popular brand of these portable ac is the Kooleraire 12 Volt Portable Air Conditioner.

The Kooleraire relies on noise cancellation technology. This is key in ensuring that it does not make noise when it is installed in your car.

Regardless of your cooling needs, this AC can give you the effect that you desire.

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