Portable AC Outlet Guide

Summer may bring many days of warm weather outdoor fun, but high temperatures may be problematic if you have to live or work in an uncomfortable environment.

Excess heat in your home or office may affect your health and your productivity, but investing in a portable ac outlet may eliminate the negative aspects of warmer weather.

Large, permanent air conditioning units are good for cooling entire floors or buildings, but this is a waste of money if you only need to cool one or two occupied rooms.

A portable ac outlet lets you control where the cooling takes place, and the health benefits and financial savings may be greater than you ever imagined.

This is our favorite portable ac: Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S).

You can get this unit set up quickly and it comes with everything you need to set up the outlet hose to send the heat outdoors.

A permanently mounted air conditioning unit may be powerful, but a portable model allows you to pinpoint precise areas that need to receive cooler air. Excess sunlight or heat may make some office or home areas unbearable in the summer even if you have central or permanent air conditioning, but the concentrated air from a portable device can cool room temperatures quickly and efficiently.

You can cool bedrooms, attics, and work spaces easily, and the efficient use of a portable ac unit will be a lot less expensive than running an air conditioner designed to cool an entire floor, work space, or home. You may have a server or a variety of electrical equipment that needs to remain cool to work properly, and a portable option can provide the best protection in these instances as well.

It takes a lot longer to cool a large space than it does to cool a smaller area, and a permanent model may have to run for a considerable length of time before the area you are most concerned with gets as cool as you prefer.

This can result in an extremely high energy bill, and this is money wasted if you have cooled rooms that were not even being used. You may be forced to endure uncomfortable indoor temperatures to compensate for the expense, but this would not be the case if you select a portable solution to cooling.

High internal humidity can be extremely uncomfortable, but excess moisture in the air may invite more than just mild discomfort. The unnecessary humidity may exacerbate skin conditions or breathing difficulties, and sweating all day may leave you feeling tired and unproductive.

Sleeping may be difficult if you are dealing with the effects of an uncomfortable room, and repeating this cycle can effect your health and work productivity on a daily basis.

A quality portable air conditioner with a dehumidifier can capture the extra moisture in the air, and you may end up breathing easier physically as well as financially if you select this efficient way of cooling your surroundings.

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