Portable Air Conditioner Casement Window Installation Tips

Portable ac units can be a great asset during the summer because they remove hot air from a room pretty efficiently.

Portable Air Conditioner Casement WindowThe thing to keep in mind with portable ac units, however, is that they do require an exhaust hose for venting outside. In most cases, portable air conditioning units come with a kit that includes exhaust hoses that are compatible with most window types, including casement windows. Since they can be vented through a window, they do not have to be permanently mounted like window air conditioner units.

To install a portable ac in a casement window, your best bet is to order a piece of plexiglass with a hole to feed the hose out. Then simply used clear packing tape to hold the plexiglass in place on your window sill.

Here are a couple of other issues to keep in mind about portable ac units.

Like dehumidifiers, these units are constantly working to remove humidity from the air so they do require periodic draining.

Portable units are a viable option when traditional air conditioners are not. They are not as efficient and they do not cool as well as their permanent counterparts. They are still an effective way to reduce the temperature in a room while being portable and extremely convenient.

In certain situations, it can be advantageous to use a portable air conditioner. There are times when other methods are not feasible or are cost prohibitive. In cases where large tents are used for celebrations such as wedding receptions and parties portable units work well to keep the air at a comfortable temperature for guests. These convenient units can also be used in apartments and rental homes where residents do not want to invest in a permanent cooling solution.

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