Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier Guide

When central air conditioning isn’t available, the best solution is a portable air conditioner dehumidifier unit. Central systems are suitable for homes and offices. But, for warehouses, boats, cabins, or club houses, portable units are the best solution. They can also be suitable for homes without central air systems.

With the high costs of energy, portable air and units can be more cost effective. Warehouses and offices let cool air out every time the door opens. A portable air conditioner dehumidifier unit is only on when the occupants turn it on. Therefore, there is less waste in cooling the space.

portable air conditioner dehumidifierOne of our favorite portable ac and humidifiers is the Whynter ARC-12S 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, Platinum.

One of the best features of a portable model is ease of installation. It an easily be moved from one room to another or from one office to another. Though many models must be carefully installed in a window, they can be moved to a new located if necessary.

Today, there are models on wheels that make moving them simpler. They are truly portable and can be taken from one room to another without too much fuss. Another advantage of the movable A/C units is that they are suitable to be used in places where moist air would be a problem, such as a store room or stock room.

Another advantage of a portable A/C unit is price. It is much less costly to purchase a couple portable units for the office or home, than to have a central unit installed. It is a suitable low cost solution for places that are used only occasionally, like a vacation cabin.

To get the most efficiency out of a portable air conditioner, the room or space should be adequately insulated. A well insulated room will allow the unit to work easily to cool the space and will help keep costs down. Portable units are adjustable, so they can accommodate larger or smaller spaces, or the desires of those using the appliance.

Portable ac units are very efficient and cost effective. They do require occasional maintenance, such as taking out the removable filter and washing it every few weeks or wiping the dust off the unit.

Movable air conditioner units come in many sizes and capacities. The size of the space to be cooled should always be considered when looking for the right model. Try to choose the maximum capacity for the room size, so it will work more efficiently and won’t strain to keep the room the desired temperature. Compare other features equally, when comparing price.

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