Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier Reviews

Before you invest in a portable air conditioner dehumidifier, there are a number of issues for you to consider, including what size you need, how you will vent it, and which brand is the best. This article will give you an overview of these factors and also provide you with our top portable air conditioner dehumidifier reviews.

One of our favorite portable ac/dehumidifier units is the Soleus Air KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner/Dehumidifier/Fan/ with Remote Control. This is hard-working and reasonably-priced unit that will keep you cool all summer long.

Portable Air Conditioner Dehumidifier ReviewsThe first thing to think about is how many BTUs you will need. Let’s explain what a BTU actually is. BTU is the amount of energy that is needed in order to heat one pound of water to one degree Fahrenheit.

When you are looking around for a portable AC, then you need to know how big your room is. Also, you should not just buy the AC with the biggest BTU level, as the BTU level just needs to correspond to the room’s size.

A second issue to consider is how humid your home is. Portable AC units cool and dehumidify a room. This is why they are good to use for cooling down rooms such as attics. The units can also be used as space heaters and fans.

If you are looking for a unit which also comes with a built-in heater, you really cannot go wrong with the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner with Heater (ARC-14SH). The beauty of this set up is that you can use it year round.

In terms of installation, It is also worth noting that they are easy to install, and much easier to install than window unites, but they do need to be placed near a window, as the hot air needs to be released outside.

As for the water, it is drained out of a window via a drainage hose, or it is drained into a bucket. The units tend to be heavy and bulky. The average unite weighs between 50-70 pounds, and they average 30 inches in height.

The great thing about using a portable unit is that it will not cost you a lot of money to run it. This is because many units have high energy efficiency ratings. There are a few more things you should know about portable ac units, such as how many BTUs they usually are. Many units are 7500 to 8000 BTU, and they can cool down a room that is between 150-200 square feet. Units that are 7500-8000 BTU are usually the smallest and most economical of all of them.

Some units have features that allow you to either cool down a room or to dehumidify a room. All you need to do is select the mode you want the unit to run, and it will do it. Some of the characteristics that a unit will have include an air filter, a timer, a display that shows the temperature, as well as numerous speeds for the fan.

If you need to cool an area of more than 200 square feet, then you will need to get a unit of 9000 BTU. Units that are 9000 BTU will usually have an ion generator, and they will feature multiple speeds, and many of them can be controlled via a remote control.

Condensation is held in a drip container, and many of these units have self-evaporating technology. There are some units that have 10000 BTU, and they are good if you need to cool a room that is 250 square feet. A 10000 BTU unit will usually feature a two speed fan, as well as a carbon filter that is designed to remove odor, and they will typically have an 8 hour timer.

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