Portable Air Conditioner – Delonghi Brand Review

When you’re talking about portable AC units, you will probably find many folks who have purchased Delonghi products.

portable air conditioner delonghiDelonghi began as a small, little, industrial workshop. In 1902, it was producing parts. By 1950, they were incorporated, and one of the largest producers of heaters and portable AC units going. They now own 13 production facilities and have 30 international subsidiaries, supporting sales in as many as 75 countries worldwide.

Delonghi has a reputation for innovative designs, guaranteed to bring you the ultimate in home comfort.

The De’Longhi Pinguino Portable Air Conditioner – 12,000 BTU delivers 3-in-1 functionality (the cool, dehumidify, and filter out the air). The filters need replacing annually. They’ve really added a modern, more stylish look and feel to their models. They are all portable and very easily moved from one room to another, featuring side handles and castor wheels. Their mobility eliminates the need for purchasing separate units for your drawing room or your bedroom if you home is small.

Delonghi Pinguino portable AC units are durable, strong, and efficient. They are excellent additions fo homes and/or home offices alike. They can cool spaces up to 350 square feet in size, and come with their patented drip-less technology. They contain an internal condensate pump. That means the moisture does not get collected, nor does it get discharged immediately from the room via an exhaust hose. Aside from great comfort, Delonghi delivers convenience, and they guarantee your satisfaction. These ACs can be installed two ways – using a single exhaust hose, or by doubling up on your exhaust hose and having two (increases efficiency significantly).

When using these portable ACs you can put them on Normal mode or on Boost mode. Boost mode delivers maximum cooling capacity. The drip-less technology means that under normal circumstances, the moisture will be taken out through an exhaust hose. Should large amounts of water be collected while the unit is in dehumidifying mode, that excess water will be collected inside an internal tank, and the AC is designed to automatically shut off once the tank is full.

To restart your unit, you first have to empty the internal tank, which is easily removed. There is a continuous drain hose available with the unit to help with excess water removal.

Delonghi has launched some very stylish products. They are attractive and a compliment to most any decor. They are simplicity defined, just a ‘set it, forget it’ undertaking. They require no bucket emptying. The timer, the thermostat, and the humidistat, keep your unit operating just fine with very little help required. They’ve even added a Sleep/Smart mode to help make things even more convenient. A great example of the quality of DeLonghi’s products, is seen in their other products as well.

They are environmentally friendly, and user-friendly too. DeLonghi is always eco-conscious, and prove it by using R-410, which is a refrigerant gas that will not harm the ozone layer. Many other companies use R-22. They also use high-efficiency components and compressors that will require less space for installation, and use less energy for efficiency.

When you compare them to their larger counterparts, you are sure to be convinced they are top of the line. Their ACs come wit adjustable thermostats that ensure you keep your room temperature just where you want it. A 24-hour timer makes saving energy a lot easier. They also utilize totally recyclable materials for producing their products.

These ACs also feature a ‘frost-free’ device, to keep ice from forming on the internal components of your unit. Their units have a built-in Self-Diagnosis system for identifying malfunctions or things that might need attention. There is a remote control to save getting up and down all the time to make adjustments. The work at distances of up to 23 feet away from the unit. The smaller components, like their extremely efficient fans, work to ensure that your AC runs quietly.

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