Portable Air Conditioner: Dual Hose vs Single Hose

The reason for the huge popularity of portable ACs today, aside from the unceasing heat waves that make their way through, is the fact that a lot of people are living in apartments or houses that prohibit adding any type of new air conditioning system. Sometimes it is simply some form of building code or city ordinance, and is written into the tenant agreement. The age of some buildings makes it impossible to implement any new kind of air conditioning systems. That makes these portable AC units a Godsend to many people, because they are the only relief they can get. They also do an excellent job.

So what type of portable AC unit should you choose?

This article will deal with the advantages of a dual-hose portable AC over the single-hose portable AC. There’s a reason why they produce the dual-hose ACs, and the advantages are clear. Cost-effectiveness drives their popularity. Let’s see who this battle between portable air conditioner dual hose vs single hose stacks up.

The thought of only dealing with one hose on the single-hose units seems to be more convenient, and sounds easier than having to handle two hoses. That way there is only one hose that needs to be guided into the window and attached. Sounds logical. Maybe that’s why they still sell so well. However, it doesn’t really make sense when you look at it a little closer. Here’s why…

A Single-Hose Portable AC Unit is Forced to Work Too Hard

The main reason single-hose units are a waste of hard-earned money, is because the job it too tough for them. Having just the one exhaust hose, the energy taken out of the air within the room is going to get transferred into the air within the exhaust hose. This hot air is then blasted out. Of course, then you get a little cold air coming out from the unit. That’s a good thing, but you have to ask yourself, “Where does the air come from, that is replacing the hot air that gets transferred out?” Logic dictates that it comes from outside the room.

That should be enough information for you to understand why the single-hose portable ACs have to work so hard. It has to be continuously cooling down the new incoming air. Rather than allowing the air within the room to cool even more, it has to go to work cooling incoming air first. This causes the single-hose unit to really have to strain to work efficiently, and it still may never reach the right level of coolness. That shows you that a dual-hose AC, having the same BTUs as that single-hose AC, and that can utilize the same exact energy consumption, is a brilliant idea. They make the room cooler using the same amount of energy.

Our favorite dual hose portable ac is the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S). This is an excellent portable unit at a fair price. It is also one of the most highly efficient ac units we have found. And we chalk that up to the fact that it has two hoses.

A Single-Hose AC is Destined to Have a Shorter Life Span

Because of how the single-hose AC compressor has to be working too hard all the time, it will experience a shorter life span and break down in need of repair more often, and much sooner. That’s why they are, in my view, a waste of money.

After rolling this over in my mind and seeing how the single-hose units continue to drain people’s money from their wallets, it amazes me that they are still being produced and sold. Why are they still being manufactured? Beats me. Seems to me they should be obsolete, and only the dual-hose units should be out on the market.

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