Portable Air Conditioner Guide

Summer brings scorching temperatures that can make it difficult to function. Homeowners everywhere try to look for ways to offset the heat and create a more comfortable environment. The primary method is to install an air conditioner but this is unfortunately not feasible for some. Their best option is to use a portable air conditioner instead.

Our favorite portable ac unit is the Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner (ARC-14S). This is a hard-working ac which will keep you cool all summer long. Also, it comes with a dual hose venting system. If you plan to purchase a portable, we highly recommend that you choose one with two hoses. These units are far more efficient than the single unit models. Not only will they cool better, but they will also save you money on your energy bills this summer.

A portable appliance may prove to be exactly what you need for certain cases. At the very least, it will surely help to prevent heat stroke that often occurs during the season. Heat waves can kill but those who can keep themselves hydrated at all times and stay in a cool place will be spared from danger. These precautions are especially important for people who are at high risk like the sick and the elderly. The animals around the house should be given plenty of water as well. If you need more incentives to get a unit, read up on this portable air conditioner guide:

1. Portables can be used in any home. Houses often have quirks that make it hard, if not impossible, to install a fixed AC. Take for instance the case of apartments where it is forbidden for renters to make any modifications on the structure. Unless there is already a space meant for a unit at an outside wall, residents will have to find a way to cool the premises in another manner. This should be a priority as summer approaches especially if the place is enclosed at all sides such that the air is trapped and cannot escape for natural circulation. Portable ac units are viable and inexpensive solutions for such cases.

2. Get instant, no fuss cooling. After doing errands outside all day, you often come home feeling hot and sweaty. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an AC cool you down on demand? That is exactly what portables provide. Just click the button to turn it on and enjoy a wonderful blast of chilly air hitting every part of your body. It is that instant and that simple. You do not need to worry about costly installations, contractor negotiations, long wait times, and other hassles just to enjoy a cool breeze when you want it. Buy a unit, plug it in, and away you go.

3. Portables are economical. There is an ongoing debate as to whether free standing air conditioner units are costlier than fixed types. A head-to-head comparison of units with the same specifications will tend to favor the fixed models. However, this barely scratches the surface of the whole story. Buyers should consider the total cost of ownership which includes the price of having a unit installed on the wall. From this point of view, portables easily come out on top when it comes to value.

4. Enjoy unbeatable convenience. The portability of the units is undoubtedly their main selling point. They can be transferred from one room to another around the house depending on where it is needed most. For example, the sun is harshest on the eastern side in the morning and the western side in the afternoon. The AC can be moved about accordingly to offset the heat. It can also be transferred to the area with the most number of people for a given time frame such as the living room in the morning and the kitchen at lunchtime.

5. Extremely simple operation. All that is really needed for a portable unit are an electrical outlet, ample space, and an exhaust mechanism for the warm air to pass through. It can be placed anywhere and operated via remote control for quick changes to the settings.

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