Portable Air Conditioner Kit

Many homeowners find it difficult to live in a stuffy small space as the weather gets hotter and the temperatures begin to climb. It can be hard to find a cool area in a small home and many swelter and almost feel like they are living in an oven. Living in a house that is too hot can be uncomfortable and unhealthy and no one should spend too long in an overheated home.

However, a portable air conditioner is the ideal solution to help you stay cool this summer.

A portable ac unit that can be moved from one place to another is described as being mobile. Moving the cooling unit from one room to another enables homeowners to be in control of lowering the room temperature. These units are ideal for people who live in rented accommodation because they are not a permanent fixture.

portable air conditioner kitPortable air conditioning is perfect for householders who do not want to spend lots of money installing a typical air conditioning unit. Movable air con units are also suitable for single people who need to cool just one room at a time.

A central air conditioner needs to be professionally vented, but a portable air conditioner expels air through a hose that is placed near a window. This hose is fixed to a portable air conditioner kit and the hot air is vented outdoors. The flexible hose is known as an exhaust hose and the hoses are generally between five and seven foot long. This means that the homeowner can place the air conditioning device wherever they like, rather than have the unit near the window.

If you need a replacement portable air conditioner kit to vent your machine, the HDIUK 3m Portable Air conditioner Exhaust duct hose extension kit, Increase the length of your existing flexible hose is an excellent choice.

These mobile units are small and this type of portable air con doesn’t need to be permanently installed. Many movable units have castor’s fitted to the bottom of the casing so that the system can be wheeled from one room to another. For example, the unit can be used in living areas or family rooms during daytime and wheeled into bedrooms at night time. Those who sleep in cooler rooms tend to get a good night’s rest.

A portable air conditioner does not use a lot of power, so they are a good choice for homeowners who are trying to lower their energy bills. This type of air conditioning is only used when needed. There are numerous models on the market and some are fitted with timers. People who spend the day at work can set the timer so that they arrive home to a cool home. Alternatively, the timer can be set so that the air con goes off after you have gone to bed.

Many portable air conditioners stand twenty-five to thirty-five inches high and they weight between sixty and eighty-five pounds. The latest portable air conditioners have various levels of power; a small unit could have 9,000 BTU whereas larger units have 14,000 BTU. Numerous models can heat and cool the air temperature.

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