Portable Air Conditioner or Window Unit?

Free Standing Air Conditioner
Portable air conditioners are on wheels making them easy to be moved around. They do not require installation into a window and are often used in place of central air conditioning units. These units are most commonly utilized in areas that require extra cooling such as server rooms, meeting rooms, and hospitals.

Free Standing Air ConditionerPortable air conditioners work in a similar fashion to traditional units. Using freon gas and a compressor they remove heat in the air and vent it out through a hose. They contain water reservoirs to hold the condensation that is collected from the air. There are several types of portable units including Single and dual hose units, split units, and heat and cool units.

Portable ac units offer several advantages over window units. They can be in any space, even when there are no windows. Simple to manage, they require no specialized wiring for operations. Electricity and a standard outlet are all that is required.

Although a portable air conditioner is convenient, there are disadvantages to cooling with it as well. While it is true that they are portable, at the same time they are heavy, and not easy to carry from place to place.

They are also designed to cool a small space so they may not necessarily be the optimum choice for a large area. Air must be vented so they should be placed near a door or window enabling this to happen. The water reservoir will also have to be emptied regularly. They are more expensive than window units as well.

In order to choose the best type of air conditioner, think about what you need and where you need to place your unit, and how often it will be moved. By taking these details into consideration you will be able to make the right choice.

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