Portable Air Conditioner Without Vent

A true portable air conditioner without vent, is in fact the evaporative cooler which is also referred to as a swamp cooler. By evaporating moisture through loose knit material, which is kept wet by being immersed partially in a reservoir tank of water, the units are able to cool the air.

Air is blown through the material by a regular fan, which results in the evaporation of the moisture and the creation of a cooling breeze. This breeze can reduce the air temperature n a room effectively by thirty degrees or more. Since there is no refrigeration process which exchanges the hot air for the cold, then there is no exhaust air requiring venting.

Swamp coolers actually blast room temperature air through a wet membrane, resulting in cold air. It doesn’t require power to operate as it has no other mechanical works, making it much cheaper than a regular air conditioning unit.

This is therefore how they work, and what contributes to them actually being truly portable in every sense of the word.

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