Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Computer servers are used on a regular basis, and generate a tremendous amount of heat, which can result in damage to the equipment, if it increases beyond a controllable limit. Any form of carelessness can cause damage to computers, as they are delicate machines.

 Abnormal temperatures can result in several problems, including reboots, hang-ups, system crashes, untimely failures, and poor performance among other issues.

By maintaining the temperature in the room where the server is located, these issues can be controlled. To provide adequate protection for computers and servers, there should be sufficient ventilation and cooling as well as maintained temperature.

Maintaining the temperature

Computers used specifically in homes and small offices, have internal cooling devices, and so whether it is a desktop or a laptop, it is kept at a sufficiently cool temperature. In server rooms however, where many systems have to be managed, there are not necessarily adequate internal cooling systems, and so an external cooling source such as a portable air conditioner has to be utilized. Also, corrosion and rust can result from the increased humidity that exists in the enclosed area. In the server room, the maximum humidity level should not exceed 50 percent.

Are portable air conditioners good solutions for cooling?

Throughout the entire day the temperature in the server room, must be maintained at a steadily cool level. If this room is connected to the central cooling systems, depending on the requirements for the company during working hours, they can be turned off during weekends, or late at nights. If the cooling systems become inoperable, then the computer systems face possible damage.

The temperature of these portable units can be individually controlled, depending on outdoor temperatures, in order to keep the server rooms cool. Not many units have certain modes that can be used to adjust the temperature, according to the outside temperature. These portable units are self-contained and can be moved between locations by the business owners, so permanent installation is not required.

Where portable ac units are used in such places, they must have features such as a condensation tank, which is used to manage the automatic restart function, the humidity level and the correct ventilation, so that the hot air inside the room can be replaced.

In addition to maintaining cool temperatures for the servers, these features also regulate fresh air and enable the continuous operation of the machines. Even in the case of a failure in power, the units keep on working because of this automatic function.

When considering the size of the units, there is not usually a problem. The unit can fit in a server closet that is the size 9000 to 12000BTU, with a 12K BTU unit requiring between 9 to 12 amps, while 20 amps is required for a larger unit of 14000BTU. Any necessary requirements should be determined, prior to installation of the unit.

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