Price of Split Air Conditioner Compared with Portable Option

price of split air conditioner
When summer arrives, many persons discover that they are not prepared and have no proper air conditioning system. As a result, they have to cope with the unbearable heat.

To ensure that you are not caught in such a bind, it is wise to star thinking about your air conditioning needs before summer starts, preferably in the spring. During this time, the prices are somewhat lower, and they can enjoy its usage through both the spring and summer seasons. They have the opportunity then, to review the price of split air conditioner systems.

price of split air conditionerThere are two main types of units to choose from when you have made the decision to purchase: the ductless split AC unit or a portable AC unit. The advantages of the portable unit, using a comparison with the ductless unit is discussed in this article.

Firstly the split ac unit does not need much space, because of its slimness and so it can therefore be mounted on the wall, or suspended from the ceiling. Unlike the portable unit, which weighs more and has air tubes that extend across the room, this unit does not occupy valuable space in your home.

Since the tubes of the portable unit cannot be bent, it has to be placed some distance away from the window, taking up space that could otherwise be utilized. Our favorite split ac is the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner. It is a small yet effective unit that you can pick up for around $700. Even better, you can install this unit yourself by following the directions and helpful videos.

Secondly, the cooling efficiency of this ductless split unit is superior, because the cooling component and the heating component are kept separate. To improve energy efficiency, the heating section is placed outside of the room, whereas the cooling part is placed on the inside.

With the portable unit, both sections are placed in the same room, which means that simultaneously one part is cooling the room, while the other part, which is the hot exhaust air tube is heating another part of the room. As a consequence, maintaining the coolness in the room is more difficult. In this case, the unit cannot be considered to be energy efficient.

Last of all, portable ac units tend to be much noisier in comparison, because the compressing part of the unit which is not portable, is generally placed on the outside. Therefore less noise will be heard in the house. This system can however be quite noisy if placed in the bedroom of the house. The portable unit produces more noise, because both the expanding and compressing sections are located in a single unit, and placed in the room.

The biggest disadvantage of the ductless split is the cost. The price of split air conditioner installation and the unit itself will cost upwards of $2000 for most homes. By contrast, a portable ac unit can be picked up for $300-$700.

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