Read GE Portable Air Conditioner Reviews Before You Buy

If you are currently in the market for a quality portable air conditioning system, you need to look at GE portable air conditioner reviews before you make a final decision.

ge portable air conditionerGE has many different models available so it is helpful to compare the various options so you can make an informed purchasing decision. We did some research and found the GE APEO8AK to be a suitable option for anyone who needs a portable unit. This unit is a GE Air Conditioner 8000 with ample power in an attractive package.

The only problem is that it is really hard to track down these GE 8000 BTU units anymore. Since so many of our customers are still looking for them, however, we decided to recommend a comparable unit: the EdgeStar Ultra Compact 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner.

One of the most desirable features is a handy timer that allows you set the unit to turn on and off automatically according to your daily schedule. An even more attractive feature is the convenient remote control that gives you the option of setting the digital thermostat from any location in the room.

Mot portable air coolers require a location near a window for the duct that distributes hot air to the exterior of the building. This Edgestar room air cooler operates in the same way. When you are choosing its location, you will have to select an area with access to a nearby window to ventilate the heat.

This Edgestar product has received a number of online reviews and consumers have given it ratings from poor to great but we believe some consumers who rated it poor are unclear about what a portable AC is capable of doing for them. If you expect the room to be extremely cold even when the temperature outside is sweltering hot, you will be disappointed with the performance if 8,000 BTUs is not enough to keep the room cool.

You can avoid any problems by purchasing a unit that is large enough to handle the square footage you intend to cool. When you are measuring the room for a portable cooler, it is best to buy a product with sufficient BTUs for the space. This product has also received a number of positive reviews and many users point out that they enjoy its quiet operation.

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