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Portable air conditioning units are used in all parts of the world. The free standing air conditioner units are particularly useful in hot and humid climates.

A portable ac unit is versatile, when the weather is hot and humid outside the unit will keep the indoor temperature cooler.

Movable air conditioners come in a vast range of styles and sizes and they all have unique features. Numerous stores stock portable air conditioners.

For our reviews of the top free standing air conditioners, check out our handy comparison table here. We explain exactly what you want to know in terms of cooling power, price, and energy efficiency for the top free standing air conditioners.

Customers who are going to buy a brand new portable cooling unit should look at a selection of ac systems before making their final purchase. There are plenty of factors to take into account when choosing a new portable ac unit.

It is wise to buy an air conditioner which has a high cooling capacity. The cooling capacity is measured by BTU or British Thermal Units. In general, it is advisable to purchase a unit with a high BTU. This means the BTU should be 10,000 or above.

Air conditioners that have less than the recommended ten thousand BTU may not be powerful enough to keep the room cool in the hot summer weather. In addition to this it is always advisable to look out for a unit that has a built-in pump for pumping the water and one that has a self-evaporating facility.

Units with built-in pumps are useful; the users are not expected to drain excess water away daily. Read the free standing air conditioner units reviews online to check the product rating before making a purchase.

People who have already used the ac unit will have reviewed and rated it. Air conditioning experts also give useful feedback.

The majority feel it is worth investing in a branded unit, buying a cheaper brand may not be a wise move.

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