Read Our Friedrich Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

friedrich portable air conditioner reviews
As a rule, people want to buy convenient and affordable electrical products. Portable air conditioners and indoor portable ac units offer the best of both worlds. Traditional cooling systems are static, however, this indoor ac system offers great value for money.

friedrich portable air conditioner reviewsHere are three major reasons for buying the Friedrich PH14B 13500 btu – 115 volt – 9.5 EER ZoneAire.

  1. The unit heats and cools, hence it is a great camping unit. Buy this portable unit to keep your loved ones cool during the day and warm at night.
  2. The unit is powerful. The 13500 BTU system will cool one or two rooms effectively. Switch it on at the right time of day and your home will remain cool. The unit doesn’t need to run all day, just turn it on as and when needed to achieve maximum results.
  3. The unit is not expensive to buy. This portable indoor air conditioner is worth far more than it costs.

Now, let’s chat about the finer details. Place the powerful unit in a hot room (70-72 degrees), turn it to heat mode and the exhaust hose will pump out a forty degree air flow. Place the unit in the same temperature, turn the control to the cool mode and the exhaust pipe automatically pumps out hot air (around 120 degrees). Connect HVAC piping to the exhaust hose to focus on heating or cooling a specific space.

Use the heating function and it generates a little condensation, however, it comes with a small pump and tube which help to remove the moisture. If you are going to use the pump, the unit should be placed on a flat surface. This is an extremely useful feature because there is no need to continually drain the unit when in heat mode.

  • The hoses hook up differently for each mode function.
  • The hose can be hooked up either way when the unit is used in fan mode
  • Use the air conditioning mode and the hoses should be attached to the adapter plate
  • When you use the unit on heating mode you must disconnect the input pipe and place the cover on top of the adapter plate
  • Use the unit as a dehumidifier and you should remove the pipe from the indoor ac unit and install the cover over the adapter plate

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