Really Helpful Haier Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

haier portable air conditioner reviews
Haier has earned its claim to fame for manufacturing high-quality commercial and residential air coolers. Its product line includes portable as well as slider and casement models. Virtually every Haier AC has an exhaust hose for convenience and easier operation via elimination of onerous water drainage.

Other valuable Haier AC functions include evaporative technology, dehumidification and energy efficient operation. Begin researching the best model to suit your needs by reading the Haier portable air conditioner reviews below:

haier portable air conditioner reviewsHaier Portable Air Conditioner, 8000 BTUs, CPRB08XCJ

These coolers have a maximum capacity rating of 8000 BTUs, with an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 12. A UV air purification filter that keeps the interior environment free of airborne pollutants and allergens is also a standard feature. All Haier ESAD Series models also have a digital thermometer and clock, a 4-speed fan, an auto-start function, energy saver setting, a remote control and automated swing for extra ease-of-use.

Haier CPN14XC9 14K Portable Air Conditioner

Do you want maximum energy efficiency for a modern home? If so, this 14000-BTU, 9.4 EER air cooler and dehumidifier that qualifies for Energy Star certification is the ideal solution. It also has integrated moisture extraction, a 3-speed fan, 3 cool settings, a handy remote control, and top-mounted air discharge venting. Last but definitely not least is a full warranty that covers craftsmanship and defects.

Haier Electronic ESA-3186 Air Conditioner

Besides Energy Star qualification, this model has a 14000-BTU capacity and a 10.7 EER. Those specs make it well-suited for residential-use central air conditioning and in larger spaces. It offers stylish design and flexibility combined with affordability. Multi functions include air cooling, air cleansing and dehumidification. Other notable features include a 3-speed fan, electrostatic air filtration and hydrophilic resin-coated indoor coil to resist corrosion.

Haier Electronic ESA3159

A 10.7 EER and 14700-BTU maximum capacity make this unit well qualified to maintain ideal temperature within your home interior. Besides cooling, it removes humidity and airborne toxins without risking health or safety. Among its more salient points are a 24-hour timer, dehumidifier, electrostatic filtering, remote control, a 3-speed fan, digital time/temp display, sliding chassis, 3 cool settings and an Enviro-Clean coil. Physical measurements are: depth – 25 3/8″; height – 24 3/8″; and width – 16″.

Haier Electronic ESA-3125 Air Conditioner

In addition to an EER of 10.8, this multi-function cooler purifies and dehumidifies air. Its dehumidifying capability helps keep homes and offices mold-free, while excess moisture condensation on a cold surface extracts it from the air. A digital time/temp display and thermostat, 3-speed fan, and multiple cooling modes provides complete flexibility.

Haier 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Remote

Haier went many extra miles by making this model with energy efficiency specs that are sufficient to meet stringent anti-greenhouse emission standards. It has an EER of 10.8, maximum cooling capacity of 7800 BTUs and electrostatic air filtration. Despite such impressive stats, it is still lightweight enough for easy installation on a windowsill. Its height is 12 7/16″, while its width is 18.5″ and depth is 15 11/32″.

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