Reasons to Check Your AC Unit Fan Motor and Provide Preventive Maintenance

A good heating and air conditioning system is necessary to create a comfortable living environment year round. When the system breaks down, you must deal with the inconvenience of living without climate control until you schedule a service call. It is worth your while to learn how to maintain your HVAC system and this article will provide you with some tips that will save you money and extend the life of your equipment.

Before calling for service, make sure you know what type of system you own. Note the model and brand name. Your service technician will need this information to order parts, if necessary, and make the proper repairs.

You should have a good idea of what you need done before calling a local service provider. The customer service representative will not be able to give you an estimate on the phone if you do not offer some information about your system. You should also be prepared to explain anything you have done to try to repair it yourself.

You should make sure that your outside condenser unit is clean and free of debris. This is especially important after a rainstorm or high winds because debris can pile up around the unit and cause problems. In some cases, the unit may overheat and malfunction.

Clean the fan blades and coils at least once per year. Always turn off the power before working on your air conditioner. Remove the grill and take the blades out so you can clean off any dirt and debris. Inspect the AC unit fan motor to ensure it is working properly.

Take care when mowing your lawn not to blow grass into the AC unit. Make sure any grass coming out of the mower is going in a different direction. When raking leaves, rake in a direction away from the unit to prevent it from becoming clogged.

If your air conditioner has a fan condenser that uses oil ports, you should add lubrication annually. The ports will have metal or rubber caps. Pour in some lightweight oil taking care not to overfill the ports.

If you are installing a new system, place the outdoor compressor in a shady area. The unit will not have to work as hard if it is sucking in cooler air from the outside.

You can save money on energy with a programmable thermostat. Some households can save as much as 10 percent on annual energy costs. Some newer models allow users to make adjustments from any computer.

The Nest Learning Thermostat comes with great reviews and you can use it with your smart phone.

Make sure your home is cool during the summer. The typical air conditioner can lower the temperature in a home 20 degrees. If the home is 100 degrees inside, the cooling system can bump it down to 80 degrees. In regions with high humidity, this temperature is still dangerously hot.

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