Replacement Parts for Air Conditioners : Do You Know What You Need?

parts for air conditioners
Before doing anything, you have to do a bit of problem solving to find out what kind of parts for air conditioners you need to buy.

An important thing to undertake is to examine the circuit breakers and take a look at the thermostat settings to ensure that these aren’t the issue.

parts for air conditionersNext, remember that outdoor condensers must be devoid of grass, weeds, and other obstructions. If there is something blocking airflow, the unit can overheat and break down.

After that, ensure that the fins are clean and the motor is lubricated. Examine the compressor and fan to determine if both switch on.

If they don’t, see which one has the problem. If the fan doesn’t turn on, see if you can move the blades.

If the compressor is the problem, turn it off for at least 2 hours, then switch it on again.

Air conditioners that were turned off during the winter often have trouble starting. Listen for an “UGGG” sound coming from the compressor, which means it is trying to start but can’t.

Compressors have a piston, similar to the ones found in a car. If it hasn’t been used for a while, it will need help to move again.

In fact, sometimes, it just stops altogether. When this happens, the compressor needs to be replaced. Before that, however, hard start the capacitor.

You may want to look at SUPCO HS6 (SPP6) Hard Start Relay Capacitor, which gives the compressor motor the extra juice it needs to power through and get started.

Capacitors are just some of the parts for air conditioners that often fail, but may still be replaced. Did you know that it can save you $200 to $300 to replace a capacitor?

Blown capacitors look deformed and a bit swollen. Your replacement capacitor may be smaller or shaped differently. Just make sure that it has the same capacitance rating and voltage.

Some fan motors may also need replacing. For starters, fan blades that don’t turn immediately may have a faulty bearing. Keep in mind that in some air conditioning units, the capacitor and fan motor are combined. This is known as a dual capacitor.

If you find that your compressor is malfunctioning, one thing you should do is to keep an eye out for terminals that are burnt before buying a new one. Burnt terminals are easy to replace with the help of inexpensive repair kits for terminals.

Today, most air conditioner parts can be purchased through the Internet, making it easy and simple for DIY folks especially when taking care of simple repair jobs. Keep in mind though that refrigerant recharging must always be done by a professional.

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