Review of LG Split Air Conditioner

If you are in the market for a new split air conditioner, you should do your homework before you make a purchase. Below, we will provide you with a review of LG split air conditioner, one of the most popular split ac units on the market today.

While LG has been well respected in the split ac market for quite a long time, it has taken its ductless split ac models to a new level in the past few years.

In particular, LG has introduced the Art Cool product line. The Art Cool split air conditioners offer stylish design and excellent cooling van goghfeatures. This premium air conditioner line comes with ac units built into pieces of classic art by the likes of Van Gogh. So their air conditioners do double duty as cooling devices and pieces of high-end artwork.

The most recent addition to LG’s Art Cool line is the picture frame air conditioner. LG has cleverly built the air blower for their split ac into a picture frame. This means that consumers can put their own piece of artwork or their favorite photo into the frame.

The frame measures 17 inches by 17 inches and allows consumers to change the picture whenever they choose. The picture frame air conditioner comes in two sizes: 12000 BTUs or 9000 BTUs

The LG picture frame air conditioner works like a traditional split ac. The evaporator (inside the picture frame) is mounted to the wall, while the condenser sits outside.

The wall unit is quite slim and is very lightweight. In spite of its small size, it comes with a multi-air flow feature. Consumers also comment on the quiet motor and fan in the unit.

The LG unit also comes with a top-notch filter, which removes dander, bacteria, and other pollutants. It also comes with an excellent dehumidifying feature.

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