Reviewing the Keystone Window Air Conditioner

window unit air conditioner drain
A good window air conditioner will keep any room cool, but it has its drawbacks. One of the biggest issues was the window unit air conditioner drain which would drip water outside of the window. In the past, the other major concern with most of these units was the noise they made.

window unit air conditioner drainYou should know that advancements in technology have radically improved these two common complaints. The Keystone KSTAW05A 5,000 BTU 115-Volt Window-Mounted Air Conditioner is a quality product and here are three good reasons to purchase one for your home.

1 — Lightweight construction. There was a time when it took a minimum of three people to move a window air conditioning unit but no longer. The Keystone KSTAW051 is a compact unit that is easy to install. You will need more time to install the support bracket in the window than you need to install the unit itself.

2 — Quiet operation — Even those individuals who are most sensitive to noise will find that the soft humming noise made by this unit is not a bother. If your unit is on Energy Saver mode and set to 75 degrees it will turn off automatically when it reaches the desired temperature. The change is subtle and you will barely notice. When it is operating, you will be able to fall asleep without any trouble. Some people even find the sound to be relaxing. This unit is capable of cooling a room measuring more than 100 square feet even if it receives direct sunlight through a window.

3 — Compact and easy to operate. This Keystone air cooler fits easily into any window. It has a lightweight design, is simple to install, operates quietly, works with a remote control, cools any room effectively, has an Energy Star rating and is affordable. This 5,000 BTU unit can cool the average bedroom up to 150 square feet.

This appliance has multiple features, cools the room quickly and is capable of maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the day and night. The mesh filter is simple to clean. The only thing you have to be careful of is touching the metal fins because the material bends easily.

Many people swear by central air conditioning systems, claiming they cool better. The problem with a central system is cooling the entire house when occupants typically use a single room at a time. This 115-volt air condition costs less than $175 and will be cheaper to operate because you only the cool the room that you are using at the time instead of wasting energy cooling the entire house.

The Keystone KSTAWO5A is a modern appliance that is light years beyond the old fashioned units, which were bulky and heavy. This air conditioner is the right option for anyone who is looking for a quality window unit.

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