See What Makes Avallon Tops in Tankless Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Consumers find many reasons to give Avallon’s dual hose 14,000 BTU unit top rankings in tankless portable air conditioner reviews and its exclusive InvisiMist technology is just one of them.

The APAC140C eliminates any need to drain an internal tank with the InvisiMist Smart Drain system. Since most areas in warm climates are also humid, this portable air cooler has the capacity to extract as much as 86 pints of water from the air per day. This unit’s self-evaporative design expels most of the moisture in the air.

In extremely humid environments, however, this is inadequate. In most air conditioning systems, If the internal tank is in danger of overflowing, the unit automatically turns itself off.

Users never know when the system may shut down due to water accumulation and the only way to restore function is to empty the reservoir. With the InvisiMist system, there is never a danger of overflow.

This innovative system consists of a nozzle, a water line and an internal drain pump and automatically disposes of any excess water through a window kit. This unit cools the room in less time than other 14000 BTU air conditioner units because it separates exhaust and intake with a dual hose system that provides better airflow and cooling capacity.

You can set the fan at three different speeds for more precise control of the temperatures. The unit moves easily on casters attached to the case and the handy remote control with its highly visible LED display allows for operation from anywhere in the room.

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