Select One of the Top Free Standing Air Conditioners

Best Portable Home Air Conditioners
When searching for one of the top free standing air conditioners on the internet, you will need to consider the different features of each product. This will help ensure you have chosen the right model to meet your needs.

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Features to Look for in Free Standing Air Conditioners

The most critical features to look for in a standing a/c unit include venting, noise level, portability, and power. When you finish reading below, you should have a better understanding of what to look for.

Knowing what vents to look for is important in making a purchase decision about portable a/c units. Having an incoming and outgoing vent requires a window or vent in the space.

Read the product description carefully, to determine if the product has a single vent. Some portable units will work with the smallest window. Others may be vented through the ceiling or an external duct, leading outdoors.

A model that runs quietly is often appreciated. Read customer reviews, to determine which models operate quietly. Stand alone units don’t work like window units. Much of he noise of a window unit remains outside the window. Any noise made by a standing unit will be heard within the space to be cooled. This is why customer reviews are so helpful in comparing the noise feature.

When determining the output of the unit, a good rule of thumb is 20 to 35 times the square footage, in BTUs. The challenge is that often air conditioners of the portable type don’t provide the number of BTUs. This is particularly true of models designed to move heat from one location to another in the room.

Single hose air conditioning units are common in portable models. The number of BTUs can be misleading, as you are not likely to get the full effect of cooling, due to continuous blending hot air entering the system with cooled air.

It may be better to choose a model with more BTUs than you think you will need for the room you intend to cool. The only time the BTU output is accurate, is when you choose the dual hose, free standing portable air conditioner.

Portability is another feature of free standing a/c units. Look for models with solid casters designed to carry the weight of the machine. This is the primary way you will be able to move the unit from one space to another. The advantage of such air conditioners, is that they can be tucked into a corner or pushed against a wall, so they take up less space.

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