Selecting the Best Low Profile Air Conditioner

Best Portable Home Air Conditioners
We researched the options and came to the conclusion that the Frigidaire FRA064VU1 6,000 BTU Low Profile Window Air Conditioner is the best low profile air conditioner available to consumers.

This 6,000 BTU unit has a low profile allowing you to enjoy a better view from your window but it still operates at the highest efficiency to cool the room.

This unit is suitable for any room 216 square feet or smaller and is simple to operate. You can select from multiple pre-set options by touching a button. The remote gives you the freedom to control the unit’s fan speed and temperature setting from anywhere in the room.

No matter where you mount the unit, the 8-way comfort control feature allows you to control the airflow direction and three fan speeds provide more precise climate control.

A special filter made of antimicrobial mesh scrubs the air of any harmful bacteria and the check filter warning and tilt-out access make it easy to maintain. Its quiet operation makes it suitable for use in a bedroom even with light sleepers.

The energy efficiency rating for this unit is 10.7. When the Energy Saver mode is in use, the fan runs for an additional minute after the compressor turns off. The fan runs for 20 seconds every ten minutes until the temperature rises above the setting and the compressor will not turn on until then.

The unit is energy efficient during start-up and operation, which saves you money.

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