Selecting the Best Portable Air Conditioner for Large Rooms

Portable cooling allows for maximum flexibility and comfort wherever cooler air is needed. Conditioning the air in specific spaces can be challenging, but selecting the best portable air conditioner for large rooms or small spaces can fill the void that is often left by stationary cooling systems.

A few helpful tips can help you choose wisely, cool off sufficiently, and reduce your energy costsover time.

Large units usually work via evaporation systems, but portable styles create cooling via refrigeration. Portable coolers need good ventilation for proper operation. There are several ventilation categories for these models, and the number of hoses determines the ventilation category.

A single hose portable unit has a single ventilation hose attached to the back of the unit. The connected hose draws hot air away from the space. This style has a minimal cooling capacity and works best in very small spaces.

Larger areas require more than single hose cooling units can supply, and dual hose units are recommended for cooling these spaces. The double hose feature leads more hot air away from rooms, and the air is removed efficiently and more quickly. One hose fills the ventilation function and the other hose draws in cool air from outside. The cooler air is dispersed to create a cool atmosphere.

Split configuration models have a compressor and an evaporator. These components are contained in two separate units, and these units are connected by various pipes. Split configurations are ranked as superior when compared to other options, and this is due to their efficiency in noise reduction and water drainage. Split models must be installed in a nearby outside area, and this requirement can be a drawback for some people.

A room that requires additional or unique cooling should be evaluated carefully in order to achieve the best cooling results. The size, configuration, and frequency of room use should impact the air conditioning choice, and the desired temperature should be considered as well. Less complex models can work under many circumstances and outside access may be required for higher grade units, but there are many quality options for cooling larger rooms.

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