Selecting the Best Portable Air Conditioner for your Bedroom

Very Small Portable Air Conditioner
Spending warm days and nights with the best portable air conditioner bedroom environment in place can make your summertime more comfortable than you ever thought possible. Here are some useful tips for selecting a quality ac unit.

Best Portable Air Conditioner BedroomPortability distinguishes a portable unit from a window ac unit. You can switch a portable model from room to room to achieve optimal mobile cooling. Many models feature small wheels, and this makes maneuvering your ac around your home even easier.

Pros and cons of utilizing a portable ac variety:

The Pros
1. There is no need to create a hole in your walls, and a portable model keeps you from spoiling the views from your windows.
2. Portable units eliminate the need for wall mounts in each room.
3. Portable models are considerably cheaper than central air conditioning options.

The Cons
1. Portable varieties create more noise than ductless air conditioners, and this is due to the self-contained design of the portables. The compressor contained in the main unit creates the elevated noise level.
2. The financial savings may not be much or at all.
3. The resulting hot air will need to be vented outdoors through a door or through a pipe leading to the outside.

Energy Efficiency and Other Considerations

Window air conditioner units and portable models are equally energy efficient in most cases. Energy efficiency ratios have improved, and many portables now rate at 12 as opposed to 6 or 7. An ac that is energy star in rating meets the specified standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

You can purchase a standard portable unit for approximately $300. More expensive models will have greater energy efficiency. The deciding factor may be how much you hope to save, but selecting any model with an energy star rating may be a wise home investment.

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