3 Chill Innovations to Keep You Cool Wherever You Are

In recent years, a few companies have come out with a portable personal air conditioner that is lightweight, battery-operated, cheap, and promises to cool you down wherever you are.

Personal Air Conditioner

Small Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner: The Original Handy Cooler

Some of these units are designed to be worn around your neck while others are sold as portable ac units to keep your work cubicle cool during the summer months.

But can a personal air conditioner actually work? Can it keep you cool during the hottest time of the year?

Personal Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Here are reviews of the two best-known personal air conditioner units on the market today: the Coolware Personal Cooling System and the Handy Cooler Personal Air Conditioner.

1) Cool on the Go ($30)

Cool on the Go is a popular neck air conditioner that you can take anywhere. You can wear it around your neck or clip it on the stroller.

It is recommended for use by people engaged in summer outdoor activities who are trying to remain cool and beat the heat.

This is a lightweight unit – weighing in at 1 pound – and requires one AA battery as well as a water reservoir filled with water. It has variable power settings and can keep you cool in weather that hits up to 70% humidity. Other features include an anti-microbial fabric on the inside of the unit.

Reviews of this unit are generally positive, with users commenting on its nice cooling capability. You can buy it here.

2) Handy Cooler Personal Air Conditioner (cost $40)

The Handy Cooler Personal Air Conditioner is advertised as a mini air conditioner. Available on Amazon, this tiny unit is designed to sit on your desk or come with you to the beach of golf course. This small personal air conditioner runs on four batteries or can be plugged into your laptop or tablet with its USB adapter.

The novel design includes a cooling filter, which you soak with cool water. Essentially, it looks like a sponge. You pop that into the cooler and turn it on. The fan will cool you off quickly.

While the CoolWare is designed to be work around your neck, the Handy Cooler can be used in a variety of ways. You can attach it to the dashboard of your car, set it on your desk at work, hook it on your child’s stroller, or hold it. This ergonomically-designed unit weighs in at only about ½ pound.

Users generally like this unit, stating that it does a good job keeping you cool. Also, many women recommend it for dealing with hot flashes.

In spite of numerous positive reviews, some users complained about the unit being loud. A few reviewers claimed that the unit broke down quickly while others argued that it doesn’t cool much better than a regular handheld fan.

You can pick up a Handy Cooler here.

3) O2 Cool Necklace Personal Cooling Fan ($18)

This was the cheapest and simplest personal air conditioner we found. It’s basically a tiny fan. It won’t get you really cool, but it can’t hurt.

You can grab it here.

Personal Air Conditioner – The Bottom Line

A personal air conditioner can be useful if you are looking to save money and just want a small ac unit that can cool you down during the dog days of summer.

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