Should You Buy a Portable Air Conditioner Or Window Unit?

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Air conditioners have become more varied in the past ten years or so. After all, you can go with a portable unit, a window ac, a split ac, or splurge on a traditional central air conditioner. As a result of having so many choices these days, it has become more of a difficult task to decide on which one to purchase.

portable air conditioner or window unitThese days, budget-conscious consumers and those who rent often settle on going with a portable ac unit or window unit. After all, these are the least expensive to buy and run. Moreover, they are easy to remove and take with you should you move.The following information will allow you to make an educated decision about whether you should buy a portable air conditioner or a window unit.

Should You Buy a Portable Air Conditioner Or Window Unit?

The benefit of using portable AC units is that you can maintain the temperature of different rooms, without having to buy and install multiple units. This way, you are able to move the air conditioner to whichever room you would like to have cooled at that particular time. You can find units that are fairly large, so it will be possible to cool a room that is 400 square feet or larger with the portable unit.

Window air conditioners are the other option. Bear in mind that you don’t actually have to put a window unit in a window. In fact, many people install them as through the wall air conditioners. If that sounds like too much hassle, however, you actually can install it right into the window.

When deciding between these two types of units, here are the main differences to keep in mind:Portable Air Conditioner

  1. Window air conditioners are the cheapest models available these days.
  2. Window units will eat up window space.
  3. Window units are quieter than portable ac units because their compressor sits outside.
  4. Portable ac units are easier to install than window units because you just need to vent the hose out the window.
  5. Portable units take up floor space in your room.
  6. Portable units are louder than window units because the entire air conditioner is inside your room.

Factors to Consider Before Making a Purchase

At times, air conditioning units can be quite expensive, but if you choose the right one for your needs, it will end up paying for itself within months. You should look for something that has a high Energy Star Efficiency Rating. They are more expensive than the rest of the types of units, but you may save up to a hundred dollars or more a month over what you would pay with a low energy efficiency unit.

Programmable timers are another ideal feature that can save you money. Set them to automatically increase the temperature, or to turn off at specific times and lower the temperature at others. You may not mind if the temperature is a bit higher when you are sleeping or when you are at work, but you want it to be cool when you are home and awake.

The following are some other features that you can opt to get when you consider which air conditioner to purchase. These include a washable bacteria & allergen filter, fully functional remote control, and one that doubles as a heater. There are many others out there these days from which you can choose.

Now, you should find it easier to make an intelligent choice when buying an air conditioner. You are sure to find an amazing deal on an AC unit. Select something that will last for years to come, keeping you cool and comfortable.

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