Sizing Up Your Freestanding Room Air Conditioner Home Depot Model

Are you thinking about purchasing a free standing room air conditioner Home Depot? Well, before you buy anything make sure you’ve read over our guidelines regarding how to choose the best one.

The old saying ‘bigger is better’ doesn’t apply to air conditioners. People do tend to apply that logic to their everyday ventures, and wind up buying an oversized air conditioner thinking it will give better service. Not necessarily so.

ACs are designed to be installed with a specific room in mind. That’s because the main function it will perform is removing the moisture from that specific room. That’s how they create a cool atmosphere. You need to match up the size of your AC to the size of the job. If you get one that’s the proper size it should do a good job, if not, then it won’t.

If you install a portable ac that’s too large for the room it’s being used in, then you should know that it will cool that room to a lesser degree than a smaller unit would. The reason is because it will have a run time that is too short, and a short run time will keep it from removing the amount of moisture required from that room. It will click off and on a lot, but fail to do a decent job of cooling.

ACs are rated by BTUs. The BTUs are a measurement of power, indicating how much heat that AC can take from the room and cool that room. Because the heat goes from inside the home to the outside, the cooling coil inside the home remains cool, while the one that hangs outside stays hot.

It’s quite common to find ACs in 5,000/6,000/8,000 BTU sizes. However, most homes will not require more than 4,000 BTUs from their AC. How do you determine what size to get? Well, it depends on room size.

Let’s say that the room you want to cool is from 100 to 250 square feet. That means an AC with around 5,000 to 6,000 BTUs would do nicely. If the room is larger, maybe from 250 square feet to 400 square feet, then you could work with an AC size of from 6,000 to 8500 BTUs. Use these examples to size up your specific needs in your own home.

When purchasing your AC keep your room size in mind as you evaluate each unit. Use it in an area where you will get the most good out of it. Lots of people find this to be their bedroom or living room. They can help you to sleep well at night, and also make your comfortable for relaxing and watching TV in the evening.

There are no hard and fast rules governing where you must place your new AC. Some people don’t like having that cold air on them while they sleep. It’s a personal choice. Wherever you end up putting your AC, just make sure you have the right size for the job.

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