Small Portable Air Conditioner for Tent Camping

For people who camp out in humid climates in the Southwest United States or other warm areas of the country, fans or natural ventilation is not sufficient to keep a tent comfortable. The humidity in these areas can be much more uncomfortable than high temperatures.

The solution to this is a small portable air conditioner for tent applications. Air conditioning is best way to cool the tent and also to reduce humidity.

Most A/C units do draw a lot of electricity, and simple batteries do not provide adequate power at the campsite. To accommodate power needs, campers must have a 120-volt line at their campsite as well as a heavy duty power cord that is suitable for the outdoors.

Before booking a campsite, travelers should look into the prospective campsite’s web page to see about what electrical power is provided and if it is enough for the air conditioning unit they are bringing to cool their tent. Be sure to do this well in advance of your trip.

Also, the choice of an air conditioner is important. Most window models will work well and economically for camping, but because they are made to fit into the window of a house, they will set partially inside and partially outside a tent.

Another choice of A/C for the tent is a room air conditioner. This kind of unit rests on the floor with the exhaust exiting the space via a door, window or other opening via a hose. This type of unit is easy to move, but it is also more pricey and does not have the cooling power that a window air conditioner does.

In addition, the room unit can take up a lot of space inside the tent. Open mesh on the tent is problematic because the heat and humidity exiting the exhaust hose can actually get re-circulated into the tent, creating a vacuum and defeating the whole purpose of the room air conditioning. The units which come equipped with dual hoses, one for the exhaust air and the other to take in air from the outside. They are expensive and hard to find, but they do deal with the vacuum problem adequately.

A camper who already owns a room unit for home use might want to try it out at a campsite which has electrical power. If not, it is best to use a window unit as this will provide the adequate comfort level.

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