Small Portable Air Conditioners for Cars

Do you own a car and live in areas with extreme whether conditions? Well, it is most likely that you might suffer quite a bit of these extreme temperatures probably when taking a long trip.

Car manufactures have addressed this by installing A/C air conditioners in cars. However, if you have a really old car, you are out of luck. Or are you?

Here is our take on finding small portable air conditioner for cars to keep you cool all summer long.

You have a couple of different options for cooling off your car. We’ve seem people rig up these 12 Volt 12v Portable Air Conditioner for Ice Cooler Chest and they work pretty well as long as you are not taking a long drive through the desert or something like that.

Alternatively, you can opt for a small portable air conditioner like the The Original Handy Cooler Small Fan & Mini-Air Conditioner, Black. These are cheap and can cool you off decently even when it is scorching hot.

As a car owner, you do understand that cars are subject to mechanical break downs and even electrical malfunctions. At one point in time, your car can suffer from a mechanical lapse on the car cooling system when you are out for a long ride.

This is a very normal situation. Apart from the fact that continuing with the journey might prove to be tough, it is also important to consider the possibility of replacing a new set of the cooling system on your car.

This is a tough economy and you can agree that sometimes replacing a car cooling system might send you into financial crisis, a decision that might at times not work in your favor.

Therefore, it is for such reasons that you should really think of getting another option. The devise is a little pocket friendly and very convenient. If you have listened around about some of the effects of AC air conditioners, you would realize that it has been linked to quite a number of sicknesses such as cold, pneumonia and others of the likes.

Well, it is not really justifiable but then again exposing yourself to such might not be a good decision. Besides, the electrical connectivity of a car AC system sources power from the car battery. If you have a little knowledge on physics you will understand that a car battery carries a DC charge hence it consumes more power of the car battery to convert the DC charge to AC that would run the car AC system.

This overuse of the car battery tears it out very fast therefore you will get yourself replacing it every now and then. To get out of all these situations, consider buying a portable air conditioner that is cheap and equally convenient for you.It has worked for many.

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