Smallest Air Conditioner Guide

If you are looking for the smallest air conditioner on the market today, look no further. We will review the smallest air conditioner units available these days.

Small can indeed be beautiful. In recent years, ac manufacturers have introduce an entire line of small, window or portable ac unit models to both the American and global marketplaces.

The shift to small air conditioners has happened for a few key reasons.

First, a small ac unit costs very little money to run. As a result, many consumers are opting for small units rather than large, expensive central air conditioners.

The second reason why people are choosing small air conditioners is that they are more environmentally friendly. They use less electricity and less refrigerant than a central ac unit does.

Finally, as the summers heat up, more and more people are finding it necessary to have an air conditioner in order to survive the dog days of summer. But for many folks, a central air conditioner just sounds like it is too much machine when they really only need it for a few months each year.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a small ac is that it is a snap to install. New units will come with an installation kit included in the box. Most reviewers proclaim that they can have the entire ac installed in less than an hour.

The other big benefit of a small ac unit is that you can take it with you if you move. These units are so tiny and lightweight, it is possible not only to move it from room to room, but also allow you to take it with you if you move to a new home or apartment.

Smallest Air Conditioner: Our Recommendation

Our pick for the best small ac on the market today is the Frigidaire FRA052XT7 5,000-BTU Mini Window Air Conditioner.This mini window ac will cool a room up to 150 square feet so it will work in an office or bedroom.

It comes with a few nice features like an anti-bacterial filter and a one-year limited warranty. It has rotary controls which are admittedly a bit old school. But reviewers love how well this tiny unit cools down a room. It also has multidirectional louvers which allow you to direct the air flow where you want it.

Electricity Requirements
This unit requires 115 volts to run and can easily be installed in a window with the window kit that comes with it.

If you are interested in a small ac unit, you really can’t go wrong with this Frigidaire mini ac.

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