Solar Powered Air Conditioner

A solar powered air conditioner is really a unique invention. If you consider it carefully, your unit is actually being powered by the sun, and you are contributing less to the increase in global warming.

You are in fact using the warmth of the sun to keep things cool. Globally, there are some companies that are working on the development of these units, in an effort to reduce the demand on energy supplies, and are eco-friendly.

GreenCore Air, an American company developed such an air conditioner that is powered by a 170 watt solar panel. It has the capability to cool a large area, utilizing a battery bank for operation when there is no sun shining.

There is also a portable version of this unit, which allows for easy movement from room to room within the house. Macdonald’s in the United States, as well as the US Navy have invested in these units on a trial basis.

A similar small-scale unit has been developed by the Spanish company Rotartica, who used the latest technology available to combine evacuated tube thermal collectors with a absorption chiller that is water-heated.

Solar-heated water is taken in by the unit and then it releases cool air. The unit unfortunately cannot operate at night, but it is able to cool a room during the hot days, and will not require tapping into the electricity supplies that are in great demand on these hot days.

There is yet another American invention, known as Solcool Millennium, which can operate on solar panels, a wall socket, and can even run on batteries. They are still energy efficient, even if they utilize coal-powered electricity. The more recent Solcool’s units have attachments that allow for water purification.

The president of Solcool, Roger Pruitt stated recently that air conditioning removes the load on the power grid. He further stated that the company was trying to use small PV (photovoltaic solar) cells, which they equip with 18,000 BTUs (a unit of energy) of air conditioning. At 500 watts, the unit operates at much less power than other units.

For some time the development of these units have been under consideration, with an example being the Chinese company, Broad which commenced installation of their units in 2006.

Air conditioning units are essential to the cooling of homes, but the disadvantages are that they contribute to pollution and high energy bills. With effective development, solar power can be used for all cooling and heating systems, and reduce costs over time in both homes and businesses.

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