Soleus 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Portable systems are in great demand right now as more consumers are looking for flexible solutions. If you are trying to find Soleus 10000 BTU portable air conditioner reviews, you’ve come to the right place.

The Soleus KY3-100 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is an all-around machine which can provide both cooling and heating depending on the owner’s needs. It also has a built-in fan and dehumidifier to make rooms more comfortable. Users will love the intuitive controls that come with a visually appealing VFD display.

Unlike other models, there’s no hassle with condensation as it features evaporative technology. The exhaust hose can be fitted for either single or dual configuration for increased efficiency. At the bottom are durable caster wheels for ease of transportation.

You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars on separate units for heating and air conditioning. The Soleus portable AC can pull double duty without breaking a sweat. Hot and humid days will never bother you again with its built-in dehumidifier. It will also clean the air to prevent allergies and breathing problems, plus a fan for added cooling.

The control panel uses a brilliant full-color VFD display that puts older LED displays to shame.

A common complaint about portable units is that the water tank needs to be emptied every so often. This issue has been completely eliminated as Soleus designed the system to get rid of the collected liquid through a drainage port and the exhaust duct. This means that there is no danger of overflow and water damage to the floor.

This is a smart system which can be programmed to perform various tasks automatically. Users can access the settings via remote or the control panel on the unit itself.

There is a 24-hour timer which can accept user commands. Programming only needs to happen once and the onboard computer will remember to execute them daily without further prompting. Power interruptions will not affect the settings. As soon as things are up again, the preferred settings will be loaded and followed.

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