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The amount of labor required to clean a split air conditioner, makes it quite a laborious task. For persons who have someone employed to perform this job, this is not an issue of concern for them, but for those who like to save money and do these tasks themselves, the entire cleaning process may be very difficult.

Below are some simple tips to make your task somewhat manageable.

Turn Power Off and Unplug:

The initial thing that has to be done when cleaning a unit is to turn it off and then plug it out. Some persons believe it to be unnecessary to unplug the split air conditioner coversunit, since it is already without power. However, even if the unit is switched off but not unplugged, the possibility still exists that water could find its way on to the live wires, as electricity is not totally absent and the unit can become damaged. Another consideration would be, the possibility of being shocked by the electricity.

Use Cool Water:

Since it is likely that hot water may cause the metallic plates which are closely bound, to become expanded, the use of hot water is considered to be hazardous. While washing the unit, it is recommended that cool water and several pieces of cloth are used instead. A wide variety of cleansing agents are available in the market, and the less the acidic content, the better it will be at preventing the plastic and rubber on the inside from possible burning.

Place the Unit Into a Drainable Place:

Ideal places to clean or wash the units include porches, garages and courtyards, as they have an adequate area for water drainage. The person cleaning the unit, will be able to channel the water into the drain, instead of having to dry it out or use a cotton broom to wipe it.

Cover the Wires with Water Proof Material:

Split air conditioner covers made of water proofing material, should be used to cover the electric wires of the unit. If not, the wires may become wet and short circuiting could result, with the unit becoming completely burned out.

Blow Air Without Targeting the Air Reflectors:

The unit should never be allowed to get wet, unless there is absolutely no other option. Once the unit is cleaned on a regular basis, then there would be no need to wash it with water and cleansing agents. An air blower accomplishes this task in much less time, but it is important that the air pressure does not reach the air reflectors of the unit. The air coming from a blower, when it is at a high speed, can cause damage and the proper distribution of cool air may be affected.

Taking all these tips into consideration, you should be able to clean the unit yourself with the utmost ease.

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