Split Air Conditioner Maintenance Guide

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Having trouble with your split air conditioner?

Many of the troubles that your split ac may have can be fixed with a few easy steps which you can do yourself. Before you seek professional help, try these simple measures and you may be able wrenchesto fix the problem simultaneously saving a lot of money.

Initially, make sure that the filter of the air conditioner is free of impurities and is clean.

In case you see accumulation of ice on the cooling unit, turn off the equipment and let it stand for eight hours for the ice to melt. Ice formation will be the usual problem in cases where the air conditioner takes a lot of time to cool.

Any amount of ice on the body of the cooling unit is only a minute portion of the actual ice that may have formed. A major part of the ice will be formed inside the evaporator coil inside the tubing. So even if you see only a little of the ice make sure to thaw for a considerable amount of time so that no ice is left before you switch on the air conditioner again.

Once you switch on the air conditioner again see if the filter and the return registers are free from dust and other impurities. If the inside of the air conditioner gets clogged again, it is better to consult an experienced HVAC repair professional.

It may be that the air conditioner has low freon. If you suspect freon leakage, freon leak fix kits are available in the market . Learning how to add freon to ac unit is really easy.

Another important thing to note is that coils in the AC should be washed regularly. Soak the coils in a coil solution before cleaning them.

Air conditioner maintenance kits are sold online which consists of combs, coil cleaning brushes, coil solutions and also a coil level solution. The outside condenser coil should be washed twice or thrice annually. Indoor coils do not need much frequent washings , if you have a good quality air filter. Clean coils will also reduce the energy consumption of your it.

Another sign that the coil is due for cleaning is that the equipment will become heated quickly while it is working. Even if don’t see any dirt on the coil, a good oil cleaner will remove all the fine dust on it. Both of these above mentioned problems can result in failure of the compressor.

If the problem is water dripping from the AC , the possible cause might be a block in the condensate drain.

These are just some of the few things one can try at home. However if problem persists it is best to seek professional help.

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