Split System AC Units: A Primer

In recent years, AC mini split systems have become increasingly popular as a form of air conditioner for many homes. Because these AC units require no expensive or messy duct work, many homeowners have been opting for split systems over central air conditioners.

Is important to keep in mind, however, that split air conditioners can also be used in commercial buildings, including business offices, schools, and other places that require air conditioning. In other words, they aren’t just for homeowners.

One of the primary benefits of using a split unit is that it is possible to set the air cooler thermostat to a different temperature in each room. This allows you to customize your cooling and also save money on electricity bills. The other benefit of a split system is that it can be installed through it quickly and with minimal mess.

Homeowners have been opting for split systems for nearly a decade now. In fact, many consumers are pulling out their central air and replacing it with a split AC.

Split units are efficient and visually attractive alternative to large air-conditioners or window units taking up window. Homeowners who reside in older homes also appreciate that the installation of the split system does not require duct work for the system to function.

Some homeowners who already have central air conditioning are even opting for split A/C units to complement their cooling system. The split system can be particularly helpful if you live in a multistory house and find that certain rooms are not adequately cooled by the central unit.

In terms of installation, the split AC is fairly easy to put in. In fact, iStock_000002509351XSmallsome DIY-ers have put up their split AC systems over the weekend. Essentially, it requires installing the outside compressor unit and connecting it to the indoor air blowers through narrow tubing.

The other benefit of the split system is that it is very quiet. These units are also highly energy-efficient because you can control the temperature for each room that contains an airport. To set the thermostat on the unit in each room, simply use the remote to determine the desired temperature.

Most split AC systems also come with a built-in heater so that you can use it year round.

Also, the split AC systems are generally very good at removing odors and pollutants from the air in your home. In particular, they can quickly clear out cigarette or cigar smoke, odors from the kitchen, and stinky pet smells. They can also help to keep the air clear of dust and dander. This is particularly helpful if someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma.

Split systems have been popular in Europe and Japan for quite a while, but have recently gained popularity in the United States and many homeowners are seeing the benefits of choosing a mini split air conditioner.

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