Stay Cool with Kelvinator Wall Air Conditioner Units

Warm weather may be on the way, but Kelvinator wall air conditioner units can keep Australians cool throughout the season.

Kelvinators are great for larger rooms thanks to the 3.9 kW cooling capability and the reverse cycling capacity. These units are good for keeping your home warmer in the wintertime as well.


A typical temperature range spans -7 to 43 degrees Celsius, and this reverse cycle ac includes auto restart, auto swing, blue shield fins, modern grille, and a remote control to address all your cooling requirements.

Fresh Air

The fitted anti-bacterial mesh removes dust and large airborne particles from the air supply. Kelvinator service is easy and straightforward, and this ensures the continued presence of clean air in your rooms. The fresh-air return provides additional ventilation and helps manage the internal humidity as well.

A wall ac unit by Kelvinator can function as a window air conditioner option if you prefer this installation alternative. You can install the ac in a window without professional assistance, but wall installations typically require a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning professional to complete the setup safely and properly.

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