Stay Cool with the Handy Cooler Small Fan and Mini-Air Conditioner

Now you can stay cool anywhere, anytime with the innovative Handy Cooler small fan & mini-air conditioner. This compact evaporative cooling fan, featuring sturdy construction and precision-fit components, is the first handheld device of its kind.

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Precision Design Delivers Reliable Performance

Engineers invested years of research to optimize the Handy Cooler design. The result is a compact cooler suitable for use at school, at home, while viewing sporting events, on vacation, at the office or anywhere else when you need a cool breeze.

– Cools air by as much as 30°F, depending on humidity level and temperature, with a 15-knot breeze

– The turbine produces just 30 decibels of sound, making it suitable for use at the office or while sleeping

– Patented air conditioning feature is easily activated by adding water

– Can be handheld or attached to any surface and offers adjustability to airflow through 90 degrees

– Powered by a USB connection or 4 AA batteries

– One year manufacturer’s warranty

– Available in blue, pink or black

Evaporative Cooling

– The Handy Cooler’s patented design cools the ambient air temperature by as much as 30°F

– Simply apply water to the cooling filter for quick and easy set up

The evaporative cooling system in the Handy Cooler is similar to that found in swamp coolers and large air coolers. The user simply adds water to the device’s cellulose cooling filter to activate the system.

Warm air is draw through the damp filter and cool air is dispersed onto the user. The cool breeze generated by the device is a satisfying and refreshing 30 degrees cooler.

The Handy Cooler cannot match the cooling performance of an air conditioner that utilizes a compressor but it is the only evaporative cooler that is portable, lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

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