Sylvania 12000 Air Conditioner Reviews

Sylvania 12000 BTU portable air conditioner reviews are somewhat difficult to find on the Internet. Amazon lists two reviews, while YouTube lists another review of this unit. The reviews found highlight positives and negatives. We’ll sum up what these folks have found. Overall, this unit comes with pretty mixed reviews.

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Reviews of the Sylvania 12,000 BTU Energy Star Portable 3 in 1 Air Conditioner Dehumidifer Fan SYL-12PE:

Perhaps the best feature is how many BTUs you get for the price. The reviews also list a number of other positive features, such as an easy to use screen and light weight. In a portable ac unit, weight is an aspect often overlooked until you are trying to wheel it across carpet.

The biggest negative would be that with that much cooling power you have to consider air pressure more. A cold zone in your house may cause other parts of the house to change in temperature.

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