TCL Portable Air Conditioner Review for Consumers

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In India and other countries where the summers are hot and humid, air conditioners are essential equipment for keeping homes cool and comfortable. In these geographical regions, air TCL Portable Air Conditioner Reviewconditioning systems have great market potential. Voltas, Samsung, LG and Whirlpool are manufacturers who sell the most systems in India but many consumers do not earn enough money to purchase high end appliances for the home. These individuals need efficient and affordable cooling systems. TCL offers many affordable products. The split AC by TCL is an efficient cooling system.

We have prepared the following TCL portable air conditioner review to help consumers make an informed decision before they make a purchase.

TCL products fulfill consumer’s needs for cooling. These systems are energy efficient making them affordable to operate. They are capable of producing clean, fresh air to create a healthy environment for the building’s occupants. These units are built using the latest in modern technology. Their quiet operation makes for a comfortable environment. Among the most useful features are those that save energy.

The air conditioning systems manufactured by TCL operate at a maximum of 38 decibels. The designs utilize digital intelligence. Digital intelligence makes these products smarter and simple to operate.

Some of the features available in the split AC from TCL include systems that save energy and sensors that allow users to choose a pre-determined room temperature. Additional features that are attractive to customers include three way chill systems, a trapeziform innergrove tube, a sleep function, hydrophilic fins, silent operation, low voltage startup, independent dehumidification, LCD remote control and an optional air vitamin energizer.

The unique heat exchanger is a three-bend unit that allows the TCL split air conditioning system to provide better cooling when compared to other similar systems. The heat exchange area is expanded by 28 percent in the typical indoor unit. This allows the machine to operate more efficiently. The independent dehumidification feature removes moisture from the air while keeping the room temperature constant. An anti-mildew system offers protection against corrosion for the indoor unit. The cross fan continues to operate for three minutes after the user turns the AC off. This removes moisture and eliminates the risk of mildew growth inside the unit.

TCL air conditioners are available in a range of cooling capacities, including 2 tons, 1.5 tons, 1 ton and 0.8 ton and consumers can purchase them from local appliance stores or online retailers.

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