The Advantages of a Basement Window Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Compressor Starts then Stops
Basements tend to remain cool all year round. The cellar may be comfortable in summer, but a little chilly in winter. A basement is often partly insulated by the surrounding ground, so the current heating system should provide sufficient heat to keep the area comfortable.

Nevertheless, it is always wise to insulate your basement walls with R-10 to R-19 insulating material. This helps to make the basement more energy-efficient.

Your existing cooling unit probably manages to keep the basement comfortable on hot summer days; however, a basement window air conditioner will cool the room further.

Homeowners who are finding it hard to keep the basement cool during summer should contact an HVAC contractor for further advice. The engineer may suggest you install a more powerful air conditioning system, or he may feel you need to install portable window air conditioner.

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