The Advantages of a Through the Wall Air Conditioner Thermostat

Through the Wall Air Conditioner Thermostat
A through the wall air conditioner thermostat is a small device used to maintain room air temperature by indirectly or directly controlling the amount of energy flowing in or out of the system. All A/C units are fitted with thermostats, which can be automatically programmed to go on and off or manually operated as required. You can also find add on thermostats like the Lux WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat.

Through the Wall Air Conditioner ThermostatAir conditioner thermostats are useful devices because they help you to control the room temperature effectively, making the home environment fresh, clean and healthy.

Adjusting the thermostat on the air conditioner is an effective way to reduce annual energy bills. Set the thermostat to seventy eight degrees or above to make significant savings. Homeowners can their lower seasonal cooling costs as much as seven to ten percent by reducing the thermostat by just one degree. Use ceiling fans in addition to air con to lower annual power bills and to make greater financial savings.

The majority of central air conditioning thermostats have two fan settings, including ‘on’ and ‘auto’. Put the thermostat to ‘on’ and the fan will run constantly, set the thermostat to ‘auto’ and the cooling unit will switch itself on and off as required.

If the air conditioning system is in constant use the compressor is in operation for at least a half of that time, probably about twelve hours. Position the thermostat to ‘on’, allowing the fan to run constantly could add as much as $25 to home and business owners monthly air conditioning bills.

However, use the ‘auto’ setting and you lower your power bills because the fan is not in constant use. Using the ‘auto’ function not only lowers energy costs, it provides cleaner, healthier air. It is important to control the air humidity levels and the air is recirculated back into the building when the compressor isn’t running, hence using the thermostat has major financial benefits.

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