The Advantages of Installing Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

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Consumers searching for ductless systems have many options available to them. A 2,000 BTU unit is adequate for cooling the interior of most homes. A commercial building typically requires a larger unit between 7,500 and 14,000 BTUs.

You can purchase a unit that can be placed anywhere in a room and vents to the exterior. Another option is to buy a window unit to install in any ordinary sash window. Vent kits are available for these units.

Some air conditioners attach to any wall surface, similar to a flat screen TV and vent through the wall to the exterior of the building. Many hotels have freestanding units in the guest rooms because they require no venting. These units offer better security because there is no need to install them in open windows.

A ductless system operates on the oasis theory. This means the system is responsible for cooling a single small space instead of the whole house.

Larger units are available for use in restaurant kitchens, office buildings, retail stores and warehouses. Users save money because the system does not waste energy on cooling unoccupied spaces or rooms that do not require cooling.

Sometimes these units are placed in rooms where companies keep their Internet servers. Keeping the servers in a cool environment ensures they stay running at peak capacity without breaking down. These units require their own dedicated electric line and venting through a window or the ceiling via a wide exhaust hose.

Mobile home and recreational vehicle owners can save battery power by using a ductless air conditioner. This type of unit is capable of cooling the air in a room by twelve degrees.

Individuals who own vacation homes can use these ductless systems to stay cool during their summer visits. Some multi-function units are able to control humidity, produce heat or ionize the air.

These units are useful year round because they are just as effective at warming the air in a small space. Campers who want to stay cool in a tent can hook a ductless air conditioner to a power generator.

Homeowners who are remodeling can save money by purchasing a ductless system instead of installing a central system. The unit does not require a heat pump or any ducting to cool the air in a room quickly and efficiently.

Many people prefer to save money and avoid the complex task of installing a central air cooling system in the home.

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