The Advantages of Installing Purolator Air Conditioner Filters

Purolator air conditioner filters
Many individuals suffer with hay fever during the spring months when the pollen count is high. This condition causes a runny nose and watery eyes but there are ways to reduce or eliminate these symptoms.

The most effective way to eliminate the symptoms brought on by hay fever is to eliminate the pollen in the atmosphere. Homeowners can do several things to reduce their exposure to pollen inside the house.

Purolator air conditioner filtersThe first thing to do is install an air conditioning system. Cool breezes from outside are pleasant but at the same time they transfer pollen to the inside. A good air conditioner will keep the interior air clean and free of pollen. A small amount of pollen will still enter the home every time someone opens or closes a door. The solution to this problem is to ensure the filter is in good condition. Most air conditioners use the same filters as furnaces.

High quality WEB, 3M or Purolator air conditioner filters are effective for keeping the interior air clean. These filters are more effective than less expensive products. Homeowners should replace the filter in the air conditioning unit every month during the spring. This is an inexpensive price to pay to ensure the interior air is clean.

Another way to eliminate pollen inside the home is to shower and put on clean clothes after coming home. Pollen from outside clings to clothes, skin and hair and will pollute the inside air. It is important to stay clean. Eliminating any pollen will help individuals relax and prepare the body for a good night’s sleep.

Some individuals may find it helpful to wear a dust mask while cleaning the home. Vacuuming and dusting can disturb pollen settled on surfaces sending it circulating through the air. Wearing a mask will eliminate the risk of breathing in pollen and causing hay fever symptoms. Another good idea is to purchase a vacuum clean that has a HEPA filter or the ability to add one. These filters are effective for removing pollen and other pollutants from the air.

Keeping the home clean is a great way to avoid hay fever symptoms. If you are still sneezing after cleaning the house, you can try purchasing a HEPA air purifier. You should place small purifiers in the bedrooms and keep them running on high throughout the day. This provides a clean place to sleep at night. Placing another purifier in the family room is a good idea to ensure you enjoy the maximum amount of clean air.

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