The Advantages of Portable Air Conditioners

Mobile air conditioners are approximately the same size as window units and are generally mounted on wheels. This type of air conditioning is commonly used in places where window or central air units are not feasible such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities or temporary businesses. They are also useful in places that only need to be cooled short term like a large tent or party room.

Free Standing Air Conditioner UnitsPortable ac units are designed specifically as an affordable means of controlling temperature.This fact combined with their portability makes them an ideal option for reducing high temperatures in industrial settings, as well as computer server rooms. They are integral in protecting equipment from overheating thus reducing the opportunity for lost production time.

Mobile air conditioners are widely used in events featuring large crowds such as wedding receptions, concerts, sporting events, and conferences. By placing them strategically a venue can be comfortably cool throughout. There are cases where they are even utilized on both cargo and passenger ships as an additional cooling source.

Unlike their traditional stationary counterparts, mobile units are moved around frequently, so they are specially designed for durability. Users can choose between traditional Freon technology or evaporation technology. Units featuring evaporation technology are more costly than their Freon counterparts.

Many users of mobile units opt to rent them instead of buying. They can be leased long or short term depending on the customer’s needs. Businesses often choose to rent long term which frequently turns out to be for years.

Those who rent units for parties or other events are likely to choose to rent for just a few days. Rental fees vary depending on the type and size of the unit. Rental fees can also vary based on duration of rental time. In many cases, long term renters are given discounts by rental companies.

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